Empowering Men to Assume Leadership Roles

Diverse Male Student Initiatives (DMSI) is an experiential, two-year program offered by Prince George’s Community College. It starts in the fall of each year, and helps men focus their energies on self-improvement and community involvement. The program empowers male students to assume leadership roles.

Prince George’s Community College is investing in the development of future leaders by helping talented men become more involved in neighborhood activities and organizations. Program participants will ultimately contribute to economic growth through higher paying jobs. They also contribute to community success by becoming more politically astute and active.

Why participate?

Participants in the Diverse Male Initiatives increase their knowledge of social, cultural, and economic drivers within Prince George’s County. They gain skills that enhance their ability to take leadership roles, and they develop a network with current and future leaders.

Career and personal development training, leadership training, workforce preparation and communications skills help students build a strong foundation for success. In addition, internship and cooperative education experiences and diversity training support a student’s ability to lead. Each participant is both a teacher and student, as they are responsible for learning while sharing their talents with others.

Who should apply?

Male students are encouraged to participate in Diverse Male Initiatives if they are currently enrolled at Prince George’s Community College, have leadership potential, are willing to complete the entire year-long program, and have a desire to:

  • Complete their education;
  • Enhance their leadership and career skills;
  • Gain hands-on community experience;
  • Develop personal growth and character;
  • Reach their educational goals;
  • Participate in community affairs; and
  • Volunteer achievement and leadership at the occupational, personal or community level.

Program application

Please complete the application, save the completed document, then email it to Brian Hamlin at hamlinbd@pgcc.edu.

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