Hear from students, professors, and alums at PGCC and learn how to achieve success with your chosen pathway in this 15-minute podcast.

"Pathways to Success at PGCC" is a new podcast that explores all the College's academic and career pathways with college community members, including current and graduating students, alums, faculty, and staff.

Hosted by Owl Newspaper advisor Mark Gray, also known as "Professor G," hear from people directly involved in an academic pathway of your interest with first-hand accounts and enlightening interviews that provide insight and industry-specific knowledge.

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Debut Episode: The Score - PGCC Basketball

"Pathways to Success at PGCC" takes its official launch to promote championship-winning student athletics and the Athletics Department. Professor G talks with our PGCC basketball team coaches and winning athletes.

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Episode 1: The Map - General Overview of Pathways

"Pathways to Success at PGCC" takes a 360-degree approach to “directions for academic life.” In this episode, hear an overview of how to complete a degree program or transfer to a four-year university. Professor G speaks to academic advisor Leslie Miller and graduating student Sade Davis.


Episode 2: The Canvas - Liberal and Creative Arts

Professor G speaks to theater director, video producer, and PGCC alum Bobby Strickland and transfer student Tiara Kittleberger about the College’s Liberal and Creative Arts Pathway. They also discuss the benefits of living a creative life.


Episode 3: The Hard Drive - Technology, Engineering, and Construction

Learn how to complete a degree or transfer program to a four-year university for a job in the high-tech industry. Professor G speaks to PGCC's Technology, Engineering, and Construction Chair, Mohammed Ali, about the College's Technology Pathway.


Episode 4: The Business - Business and Entrepreneurship

Learn how to complete a degree program or transfer to a four-year university with a business mindset. Professor G speaks with Darren Gibson about the College's Business and Entrepreneurship Pathway.


Episode 5: The Highway - Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Learn how the College takes a 360-degree approach to driving and maneuvering the highways and byways of America. Professor G speaks with Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Program Director Barbara McCreary and CDL student Vianey Pereara-Morales. Together, they look at what's on the road for them in this special highway-themed episode of the podcast.

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Episode 6: The Main Event - Wellness, Culinary Arts, and Hospitality

Learn how to complete a degree program or transfer to a four-year university in wellness, hospitality, and culinary arts. Professor G speaks to associate dean and culinary industry veteran Denise Ware Jackson and current student Royale Severe about the College's Culinary Arts Pathway. They also discuss the DNA of foodhow it affects the way we cook, eat, and learn from each other.


Episode 7: The U-Turn - TeamBuilders Academy and Workforce Development

Dive into the TeamBuilders Academy, an integral part of the College's Workforce Development and Certificate Program. Professor G speaks with program director John Deadwyler and PGCC alum Antoinette Evens, who is on the path to becoming a journeyman with her TeamBuilders Academy training.

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Episode 8: The Session - Behavioral and Social Sciences

Professor G speaks with Behavioral and Social Sciences Program professor Dawn Gillom Carter and graduating student Ruth Machado. Listen to how Machado navigates her studies and landed her first job from an internship.


Episode 9: The Shield - Public Safety and Law

Learn about the College's Public Safety and Law Program with Dr. Henry White and PGCC alum Davion Ward. Discover if life in service to the public is in your future.

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Episode 10: The Lesson Plan - Education

Learn about the College's approach to its Education Program with associate dean Dr. Ashanti Bryant Foster and PGCC alumna Simone Lovelock.

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Episode 11: The Scope - Allied Health and Nursing

Professor G takes a deep dive into how we learn and practice health care in this region at the College. Hear from Joanie Horstkamp, a PGCC alumna and Respiratory Therapy Program professor.


Episode 12: The Formula - Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics

Learn about the College's Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics Program with chemistry professor Dr. Lynne Heighton and Malachi Wright, a PGCC alum and dentistry student. This pathway trains students for careers in science, engineering, and math.

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