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Explore your artistic side and develop communication skills that will serve you well in whatever you do. Write for the Owl Newspaper, or create content for the Reflections literary and art magazine — and that’s just the start.

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PGCC Clubs Spring 2024

Listed below are clubs active this semester, what they focus on, and a brief description of activities.

Acceptance & Awareness Club

Educate, create awareness, and debunk stigmas surrounding mental health and mental health conditions. Create a safe environment and space for people to start conversations about mental health. Suicide prevention and crisis response education.

Ad Astra Per Aspera (AAPA)

Academic excellence, community building, personal well-being, networking, goal setting


Providing PGCC students with a community that promotes academic success, mental wellness and friendship during these trying times. To assist members in treaching their individual goals through the mutual support

African Students Association (ASA)

Creates cultural and social awareness of the African communities on campus.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Campus activities, social engagement, OWL pride, service


Providing fun and educational events for the student body and to promote school pride & student involvement.

Chess Club

This club allows new and old players to learn and play chess to improve their critical thinking, strategic skills, patience, and self-awareness.

Clay Club

This club creates a safe space for students to participate in creative activities and unwind productively.

Elite Owls Modeling Team

This modeling club strives to create memorable experiences, build bonds, and encourage our models and audience to feel confident no matter their height, race, or gender.

Empowering Parents Club

A student organization for those raising children while studying at PGCC, this club provides support and resources for pregnant and parenting students.

Hacker Space

The purpose of this club is to provide students with an open environment to become creative within the fields of technology, science, mathematics, and art.

Hacker Space Club

To help students in cybersecurity to enable security teams and to train in realistic settings. This will provide students will real hands-on experience expands cyber professionals, knowledge base, and enhance their skills to keep pace with evolving cyber threats.

Latino Student Association

The mission of this organization is to expand the knowledge of Latin American cultures. Through social, athletic, and cultural activities, we plan to educate, celebrate, and spread awareness about Latin American cultures in a way that unites members of our community from various backgrounds.

Muslim Student Association

To provide fellowship opportunities for Muslim students as well as to educate the campus community about Muslim practices and celebrations.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)*

Academic excellence, scholarship, education, service, first-year experience


Recognizng the academic achievements of first and second year college students and providing access to awards and scholarships. Encouragng students to appreciate the value of the higher education experience

National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS)*

Honor society, leadership, academic excellence, scholarship


Provides leadership training, education and career assistance. Provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills through participation in organizational events and training.

Nursing Club

Nursing, health science careers


Creating a positive and supportive educational atmosphere for students interested in the Nursing Profession.

OWL Newspaper

Journalism, photography, current events, campus events, news reporting


The student voice of PGCC, reporting on campus, national, and world events

OWL Success Squad Ambassadors (OSSA)

Academic excellence, service, networking, educational enrichment, first-year experience, academic transitions


Promoting college success, graduation, and transfer throughout the PGCC community through campus engagement and seamless first-year transition.

OWLPreneurs Club

Business, entrepreneurship, business thinking


Creating an environment that encourages and supports entrepreneurial creativity and thinking.

PGCC Honors**

Academic excellence, scholarship, education, service


Promoting excellence (academic & personal) among PGCC students through scholarship and service.

PGCC Star Fellowship Club

This club leads and encourages students to build their connection with God while exceeding and balancing in all aspects of life. The goal is to develop a fellowship of students who walk in love, light, and peace. 

Phi Theta Kappa* (ΦΘΚ/PTK)

Honors fraternity, academic excellence, scholarship, service


National honors society for 2-year colleges

Reflections Literary & Arts Magazine

Journalism, photography, visual and performing arts


Engaging, inspiring and informing the college community through publication of literary and art works. To cultivate an inclusive culture and appreciation for free expression, through art and information sharing.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Student governance, leadership, campus activities, OWL pride, student advocacy, service


The student governing body of PGCC. We advocate for students and work with campus leadership to meet the needs of students, promote student invlovement and encourage school pride.

Student Research Club

This club provides PGCC students with opportunities to improve their research skills and experience for better academic transfer and job opportunities. Access research opportunities and resources available to PGCC students through faculty mentors, peer-to-peer support, and connect with local research organizations.

The Teacher's Lounge Club

This club appreciates and supports students with holistic resources interested in education fields.

Women in Cyber Security (WiCyS)

To provide a safe environment for women to come to learn and develop hands-on skills for Cyber Security.

Clubs noted with an asterisk (*) require an invitation and/or membership criteria to join. Please contact OSEL for more information about these organizations.

Interested in any of the above organizations? Get information on organizations and activities that interest you.

Don’t see your interest represented? Email or call (301) 546 - 0853 to get information on how to start your own student organization next semester! A minimum of four PGCC enrolled students in good academic standing with a 2.0 minimum GPA are required to start a new club. Only PGCC regular employees can serve as club advisors.

Note: New club registration is currently closed and will re-open at the start of the Fall 2022 semester on August 22, 2022.

Student Government

Make the PGCC experience even better than it already is. Our student government provides opportunities for you to get involved in the administrative, legislative, and judicial processes of the college.

Interest-Based Groups

Interested in making new friends while learning more about a topic or raising campus awareness about your religion? Join one of our many campus clubs, such as Women of Wisdom or Diverse Male Student Initiatives — or start a new organization.


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