Upward Bound is a federally-funded TRiO program that serves high school students from as early as ninth grade and assists them through their transition to college. One of the program's main objectives is to stimulate student interest in completing a bachelor's degree. The program creates a college atmosphere for students and makes learning innovative and fun. Participation in field trips, cultural activities, and an annual awards ceremony also add to the available opportunities.

TRiO Upward Bound, headquartered at Prince George's Community College, offers academic instruction, tutoring, and guidance to high school students from three Prince George's County High Schools.

The Upward Bound Program consists of two components:

  1. The academic year sessions provide students further academic instruction, tutoring and counseling as a follow-up to summer activities. Additional services are also available during this time.
  2. The six-week summer session provides students opportunities to attend academic classes in the areas of mathematics, science, composition, reading, foreign languages and study skills.

The program has an academic component from September through June, which includes tutorial sessions and biweekly Saturday instructional workshops. The summer session lasts six weeks and covers an intensive program for regular high school students.

The summer curriculum covers mathematics, laboratory science, English composition and literature, computer education, foreign language, and extracurricular activities that range from sports to study skills. All activities and academics are designed to enhance college survival skills. Those who successfully complete the TRiO Upward Bound program can enroll in the TRiO Summer Bridge component, which offers program graduates enrollment in summer courses after high school graduation that provide three to six college-transferable credits.

Who Can Join the TRiO Upward Bound Program?

  • High school students (grades 9 or 10);
  • Students whose family income meets guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Education;
  • First-generation college-bound students (parent or guardian has not earned a bachelor's degree);
  • Students who exhibit an interest in and have a strong potential for success in college; and
  • Students must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident and attend one of the three target Prince George's County high schools–Central, Fairmont, or Suitland.
  • Applicants must have a 2.33 GPA in order to be considered for enrollment.

How to Apply

1.Applicants must complete the TRiO Upward Bound Application Part A and TRiO Upward Bound Application Part B. Applicants have the following options for completing the application:

a. Type in the information through the online application link. Please click the underlined and highlighted text, complete the form Part A and Part B of the application as completely as possible, save it, and submit electronically once completed.

b. You may also be able to complete the application at the links provided, save, print, and then attach the finished application to an email, addressing it to upward_bound@pgcc.edu. (The student's FULL NAME and the words "TRiO UB Student Application" must be included in the subject line).

c. Print the TRiO Upward Bound application, complete the forms, and either mail or drop off to the TRiO Upward Bound office at 301 Largo Rd., Lanham Hall, Room 101, Largo, MD 20774-2199. (You may also scan the completed form and email it as an attachment to upward_bound@pgcc.edu.)

2. Return the completed electronic “TRiO Upward Bound Application Form”:

  • with all required signatures; including student/parent/guardian signature(s),
  • and other requested documents such as the verification of most recent tax document (ie. 1040, etc.), and
  • student's current report card, etc.

Once the application has been “Submitted”, then it will be forwarded to our TRiO Upward Bound office and reviewed for completion and consideration.



Contact Us

Lanham Hall, Suite 101A
301 Largo Rd., Largo, MD 20774-2199
Phone: 301-546-3013
Email: upward_bound@pgcc.edu

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*Until further notice, information regarding these services may be found through the telephone number or email address listed above. On campus services are currently not available.