Testing Center Dates with Closed or Reduced Hours for Summer 2024

See our Hours and Schedule for service and campus availability.

Closed All Day

Reduced Hours

May 27
(Memorial Day)
June 18
(1:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m.)
May 31  
June 13  
June 19
July 4
(Independence Day)

Please do the following before visiting the Testing Center:

Welcome to the Testing Center

We provide placement testing to new Prince George's Community College students and academic testing to students enrolled in courses. The center also administers competency and challenge examinations on behalf of certain departments.

The Testing Center is located in Bladen Hall, Room 100, and provides quarter-operated lockers for examinees to secure their books, phones, and other personal possessions. Quarters are returned to students when they retrieve their belongings from the lockers. View the hours of operation here.

Photo ID required for all services

Students who are taking the placement tests may show our staff any ID from our list of allowed IDs.

Students taking an academic test assigned by a class instructor may only use their PGCC student ID cards.

No children and no guests

Guests are not permitted in the Testing Center (no spouses, children, parents, siblings or other friends or family). Only examinees and authorized College staff are allowed.

Please review the complete list of rules for the Testing Center. Individuals using testing center services are responsible for abiding by these guidelines at all times. Violations of these guidelines and responsibilities may result in loss of privileges and denial of future services.

Masks are Recommended in the Testing Center

All PGCC Testing Center locations encourage everyone to wear a face mask to reduce the spread of disease.

Bring Your PGCC Student ID Number

After applying to the school and paying your application fee, you will be assigned a student ID number to be used for placement tests, registration, and exams. You may find this number on your bill, on your schedule, in your Owl Link, and in your PGCC Navigate account. Your student ID number is also encoded in the bar code of your PGCC ID card, if you have one.

Bring One Quarter for the Locker Room

At the Largo campus Testing Center, students are only allowed to have the following items at their desks: photo ID, pen or pencil, and a testing center locker key (if a locker is used). All other possessions brought into the center must be secured in a locker, which requires a quarter. The locker will return this quarter after a student reopens it to retrieve their possessions. Change is not available from our staff.

ALEKS-PPL Math Study Plan

If this is your first time taking the placement test, please click here for instructions. If you finished the ALEKS-PPL math placement test at PGCC, the platform creates a series of prep and learning modules to help you improve your scores for another attempt. You must spend at least five (5) hours working in the modules before you can take it again. Use the button below to log into ALEKS-PPL continue your work. The modules do not work on phone or tablets. This link is not the placement test.


Contact the Testing Center

Email: testingcenter@pgcc.edu
Phone number: 301-546-0147