The Owl Give Annual Campaign provides support for student scholarships, innovative programs and other worthy initiatives affording the College the flexibility to use dollars where the need is greatest.


Why I Give

The value of a college education is immeasurable, but why give to Prince George’s Community College in particular? Our donors share a commitment to building a better community and a brighter future. Learn why our generous donors give, in their own words…

I shared because because employees are the first who should give. If 100% of the employees give, it is a compelling reason for others to give. 
-Nancie Park, Program Coordinator Business Services, Construction, Energy and Transportation
PGCC was my employer for over 40 years and I thought the Emergency Response Fund was a way to give back a little. Seemed like a good idea.
-John L. McClure, Professor of Physics, retired 
I gave because I genuinely care about the plights of our people - and intimately acquainted with 'the struggle.' Those individual and collective struggles that continue to plague our communities, being exacerbated by this present age. I also give because others once deposited 'Seeds of Care' in support of my academic endeavors...I sincerely hope that the seeds we now sow will reap a bountiful harvest in the lives of our students. Lastly, I give because we are blessed to be a blessing. 
-Cynthia L. Green, Technology Client Support Services Coordinator for Administrative Desktop Services Enterprise Technology 
As the Chair of the Board of Trustees for this great institution, it is the least I could do.
-Sidney L. Gibson 
Giving should be a way of life in everything we do...we never know when the time will come when the giving of others will benefit us in our own time of need.
-Tony Marra, TLSS/STEM, Transportation & Distribution, Laurel College Center 
I give so that others may be enriched in all their endeavors.
-Curtis & Lillian Langford, Alumni & Former Foundation Board Member
..Being part of the Prince George’s Community College community not only means being connected with my fellow colleagues but also making an impact on our students. I can not think of a better way to help our students achieve their educational goals than contributing to the Prince George’s Community College Foundation. Being raised by in a single parent household I truly understand how one gift, great or small, can contribute to a student's success. So I give because I want to make a difference in someone’s life, as it was done for me.
-Lynne Adams, Associate Vice President
It’s easy to give when you believe in the mission of the College. PGCC….got to love it!
-Joyce McPherson, Executive Associate I, Human Resources