The Prince George's Community College Foundation, Inc. was incorporated on April 19, 1985, and received 501(c)3 status on February 13, 1986. It is operated exclusively as a nonprofit organization for the charitable and educational purposes of furthering the programs, facilities, and opportunities at Prince George's Community College by providing financial resources to meet its goals and objectives. The Board consists of 25 community leaders who advocate, provide guidance, and ensure accountability for efforts related to fundraising, endowment, scholarship, community relations, and other matters of growth and sustainability. By fostering partnerships and leveraging funds, the Board has helped to position the College to reach its strategic goals and objectives.

The Foundation’s efforts are aligned with the highest institutional priorities to provide:

  • scholarships and services that maximize access for a broad range of students with diverse needs;
  • academic and workforce development programs that prepare students for the region’s high-demand jobs; and
  • technology, equipment, and furnishings to support state-of-the-art teaching and learning.


The Prince George’s Community College Foundation, Inc. leads a comprehensive advancement effort to develop resources to further educational programs, facilities, and opportunities that advance the mission, vision, and goals of Prince George’s Community College.


The Prince George’s Community College Foundation, Inc. will be a dynamic and sustainable force in the county, state, and region, working in partnership with Prince George’s Community College, to solidify the role of the College as a transformational agent and the community’s first choice for innovative, high quality learning opportunities.