Program Type: Career Program

Program Total: 27 Credits

Program Description

In this certificate, students use the components of visual literacy to create traditional and digital art medias and evaluate the works of others. Additionally, they place works of art in historical, cultural, social, and economic contexts. Electives allow students to focus on 2D Animation or 3D Animation. All of the courses in this program can be applied to the Art, A.A. program. This certificate aligns particularly well with the Commercial Art track of the Art, A.A. degree. Most of the credits earned in the Animation and Media Certificate can also be applied to the Visual Communication/Graphic Design, A.A.S degree.

Graduates of the Animation and Media Certificate will be able to:

  • Identify the basic components of visual literacy through the elements and principles of art, design, and color.
  • Compose original two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or four-dimensional works of art using various conceptual and perceptual sources.
  • Create art and design using traditional and/or digital materials, media, techniques, and equipment that utilize elements and principles of art, design, and color.
  • Evaluate works of art using formal and conceptual analysis.
  • Explain the significance of art within historical, cultural, social, and economic contexts.
Required Courses

ART-1510 Two-Dimensional Design Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

ART-1530 Drawing I Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

ART-1570 Introduction to Computer Graphics Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

ART-2650 Animation and Multimedia I Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

ART-1780 Digital Photography I Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

ART-2620 Digital Illustration Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

ART-2750 Animation and Multimedia II Credits: 3 (Program Requirement)

ART-1540 Painting I Credits: 3 (Program Elective) and

ART-2530 Drawing II Credits: 3 (Program Elective) or

ART-2670 3-D Digital Modeling and Animation Credits: 3 (Program Elective) and

ART-2410 Graphic Design I Credits: 3 (Program Elective)

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