Communication: A Purpose-Driven Focus

When introducing a new language to a beginner, PGCC uses a highly practical approach. We teach Spanish the way it is used in everyday life -- day-by-day. Our first and primary objective is to learn to communicate with Spanish-speaking peoples -- at home or abroad, for work or for leisure -- not to learn the mechanics of a language’s morphology, grammar and syntax – although that may come later. Our initial focus is the functional content of the language to build and develop relationships with people who communicate differently. Topics will include pronunciation, vocabulary, and cultural distinctions though practice dialogues and role-playing that brings real life situations into the classroom to help you have fun and enjoy the learning process.

Proficiency Levels

LGE-380: A Taste of Spanish. This pre-introductory Spanish course is specifically designed for participants who have little or no prior knowledge of the Spanish language. It provides a basic overview of Spanish language speaking patterns and enough basic vocabulary to “get by.” The emphasis will be on oral communication with an introduction of basic grammatical concepts toward the development of future reading and vocabulary skills.

LGE-370: Spanish, Level 1. Having completed this introductory level, students will be able to understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at concrete topics and needs. They will have the tools to introduce themselves and others and to ask and answer questions about personal details; such as where one lives, people they know and things they do. Students will be able to interact in a simple way when the other talks slowly, clearly and is prepared to help.

LGE-328: Spanish, Level 2. This level focuses on increasing Spanish vocabulary and comprehension through interactive dialogue and role-play. Students who finish this level will be able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions, such as basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography and employment. They will be able to communicate through direct exchange of information on routine matters using simple terms and to describe matters of immediate need.

LGE-345: Spanish, Level 3. In this third course in the series, students will learn further language structures, vocabulary, and idioms to help increase comprehension and speaking ability. While students are still likely to have to “translate” internally and will make errors in grammar and word choice, they will be able to conduct a structured exchange on a range of subjects. Through continued practice, students will be able to produce simple connected text on topics that describe events and experiences and give brief explanations for opinions and plans.

LGE-330: Spanish Conversation. At the conclusion of this course students will have an intermediate level of conversational fluency and will be able to interact with a degree of spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers possible without undue strain to either party. Students will be able to understand and engage in conversations on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school and leisure and will be able to address most situations likely to arise while traveling in Spanish-speaking regions. They will be able explain their viewpoints on abstract concepts with only limited pauses or breaks so the other person can comprehend with minimal difficulty even in a full immersion setting. Classroom delivery, 6 sessions, 18 hours, $130. 

Online Offerings

LGE-521: Speed Spanish, Part 1. If you’re in a hurry to learn Spanish, this course gets results pronto. You'll focus on the vocabulary you need in real life – while traveling, at restaurants, on the phone, in emergencies. Then, you’ll learn six easy recipes for gluing Spanish words together to form basic sentences. In no time at all, you'll be able to go into any Spanish speaking situation and communicate! ¡Qué Bueno!

LGE-522: Speed Spanish, Part 2. Would you like to feel more comfortable among Spanish-speaking people and to be able to have an actual discussion with them? You will expand your vocabulary by hearing new words pronounced properly and have opportunities to practice your own pronunciation. You'll learn new recipes to help you glue words together into sentences, complete thoughts, and finally into a whole conversation. You'll see an immediate improvement in fluency from the very first lesson.

LGE-523: Speed Spanish, Part 3. Master your ability to speak, understand, and read Spanish by taking the final installment in this series. In this advanced-level course, you'll learn the final recipes that serve as templates to create almost any sentence. Guided practice will include new vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and speed drills. This series has not just taught you how to speak Spanish, but to speak Spanish spontaneously!

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Continuing Education Certificate

A Continuing Education Certificate in Conversational Spanish is earned upon successful completion of 60 hours of coursework in the area. ASL and other foreign language courses may count toward this certificate.