An event planner's primary goal is to provide consumers with valuable and comprehensive event planning information.

Event planners must be accomplished salespeople, know how to communicate with vendors, and have a working knowledge of catering, photography, lighting, tents, floral design, contracts, and etiquette.

This course is intended for event planners, owners, and independent contractors that seek additional knowledge/skills that will assist them in planning a successful event.

Event Planning Career Development

The Event Planning Certificate program requires nine (9) sessions, which is broken down into two parts.

The course will give you a blueprint on planning and executing special events with flair and without any unexpected surprises and expenses. Any event you plan and stage is a reflection on you, from the initial invitation to onsite operations. Whether you are planning a product launch, conference, sales meeting, an incentive event, or a gala fundraiser; remember that the magic of a truly memorable event is in the details. We will factor in tours to potential vendors, agencies, and hotels.

This is a pre-requisite two–part series program. A letter of recognition and certificate is awarded upon completion of 36 hours total in this series.

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How to Register

To register for classes, students must first set up a student account, then proceed to Enroll and register for course(s). Students will need the EVT code to include the course number and Syn number for the dates and times you would like to attend.

Course Descriptions

Part I: Event Planning

  • Crash Course in Event Planning
  • Starting Your Meeting Planning Company
  • Creating RFPs and Working with Hotels
  • The Site Selection Process
  • Saving Food and Beverage Cost
    One Saturday (site-visit) five hours 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Part II: Event Planning

  • Audio Visual Concept for Meeting Planners
  • Cutting-Edge Tricks and Technologies for Success Event Business
  • Legal Issues That Face Event Planners
  • I am an Event Planner, Now What?
    One Saturday (site visit) five hours 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

(Requirements: Students must participate in site visits off campus. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from site-visits until further notice.)

Contact Information

Denise Ware-Jackson
Phone: 301-546-9050