PGCC Culinary Mission

The Culinary Arts program of Prince George's Community College provides high-quality, transformative learning experiences that enrich lives and empower students to earn credentials optimizing pathways to personal development, professional advancement, and economic prosperity in the field of Culinary Arts.

PGCC Culinary Purpose

Prince George’s Community College Culinary Arts program supports the Institutional mission of a quality, affordable, accessible program replete with academic rigor. The program prepares students for personal and professional success through specialized courses designed to meet the diverse needs of industry leaders. With a focus on enrichment, growth, and entrepreneurial skills development, students are provided opportunities to explore the many facets of the culinary industry, including restaurants, bakeries, hotels, catering and events operations, and more

Requirements for Entry

Uniform Policy for Culinary Labs

Students MUST be in the full and complete uniform on class days. Students who report for class without the items below will NOT be permitted to participate in the lab and class activities and will not be permitted to remain in the lab space. Items should be clean and wrinkle-free.

  • Knife Set- (purchased at the Campus bookstore)
  • White Chef’s Jacket w/ PGCC Logo- (purchased at the Campus bookstore)
  • PGCC Checkered Chef’s Pants- (purchased at the Campus bookstore)
  • White Bib Apron & Chef’s Hat- (purchased at the Campus bookstore)
  • All Black Non-Absorbable, non-slip Kitchen Shoes

Other Required Materials for Culinary Courses

  • Course textbooks and materials, as dictated by the syllabi
  • Instant Read Thermometer
  • Calculator
  • Black Sharpie Marker and Pen
  • Printed or typed recipes for lab days
  • Notebook for lecture

Kitchen Lab Experiences

Sanitation and Hygiene Requirements

Hair – Any hair that touches the collar must be completely inside of chef hat. Facial hair should be neatly and closely trimmed or clean shaven. In the case of excessive facial hair, a beard hairnet must be worn.

Jewelry - A plain wedding band is allowed, as well as a small pair of stud earrings (ea. Watches, bracelets, necklaces, additional rings, earrings, nose rings, facial piercings, tongue piercing, or any piece of visible jewelry pierced on the student’s body are not allowed. Any visible piercings that cannot be removed must be covered.

Nails- Nail polish or long fingernails are prohibited.

Lockers- All personal items should be kept in lockers as classrooms are not considered a secure location. No personal items may enter the lab space. Students must supply their own locks. Nothing may be stored in lockers overnight.

Cell phones- Cell phones use is not permitted in the lab space. Phone use during class time is discouraged and may take place only as-needed in the hallways. Instructors will authorize students to use cell phones for photography purposes during designated times.

Withdrawal and Refund Fees

Refund Policy and Refund Deadlines

 All refunds are calculated based upon the number of calendar days (not class days) that have elapsed since a class began, to include the first day of class. The deadline is therefore no longer a specific date for all courses; each section is refunded according to its own starting date. One set of rules applies to courses longer than five weeks in length; another applies to those of less than five weeks in duration.

For courses longer than five weeks in length, the following refund periods apply:

  • Course dropped prior to the start of class: 100%
  • Course dropped on the first or second calendar day before midnight: 100%
  • Course dropped on the third through the ninth calendar day before midnight: 75%
  • Course dropped on the 10th through the 14th calendar day before midnight: 50%
  • Course dropped the 15th calendar day or later: No refund.

For courses five weeks or shorter, the following refund periods apply:

  • Course dropped prior to the start of class: 100%
  • Course dropped on the first or second calendar day before midnight: 100%
  • Course dropped the third calendar day before midnight: 75%
  • Course dropped the fourth calendar day or later: No refund.

The effective date for calculation of a refund for a credit course shall be the date the withdrawal form is filed in the Office of Records and Registration or the date the transaction is successfully completed through Owl Link.

In addition, the following apply:

  1. No refund of registration fee or late registration fee.
  2. One hundred percent (100%) refund if the class is canceled or rescheduled by the College.
  3. No refunds will be given after the deadlines listed in the refund schedule above.
  4. Refunds of payments made by credit card will go back to that card as a credit.
  5. All other refunds are issued electronically according to the preference set by the student at No paper checks will be issued.

NOTE: No refunds are issued after the periods indicated. (The College reserves the right to make changes in the aforementioned policy as required.) Please note that exchanging a course that is past its refund deadline for another course in effect constitutes a refund. This will not be done after the refund deadline except to correct placement in sequential courses. Additionally, the College will not reimburse tuition or fees due to pandemic related reasons. Failure to attend a course does not constitute a withdraw. Please consult faculty and staff before officially withdrawing from any college course.

The Culinary Arts program introduces students to a range of skills and credentials required for a successful career in food preparation. Cooking, Baking and Management courses are featured.

Take these courses if you are:

  • Seeking industry certifications
  • Interested in Food Service Manager Training and Certification (ServSafe®)
  • Interested in learning baking skills or food preparation

Uniform requirements for Culinary Arts classes:

  • White chef’s jacket w/PGCC Works logo
  • Checkered chef’s pants
  • Neckerchief and chef’s hat
  • Black non-absorbable shoes (no soles)
  • Instant-read thermometer
  • Black sharpie pen

Our Courses

CUL-611 - Introduction Culinary Arts
CUL-615 - Food Production I
CUL-730 - Advanced Baking & Pastry
CUL-745 - International Cuisine
CUL-716 - Food Production II
CUL-720 - Garde Manger and Catering
The Culinary Arts Certificate is a 31-credit certificate can be completed within a year. The coursework requires an in-class commitment of six to tweleve hours per week and integrates practical and classroom applications.

Contact Information

Denise Ware
Phone: 301-546-7596

Additional Links

Students who successfully complete courses will be eligible to receive industry-recognized certifications.