Web Design and Management Certificate

This two-course Web Design and Management certificate is designed to build and enhance the student's skill in designing and developing applications for personal and professional use. In order to start this program, students must have knowledge of the Windows directory and file structures, be able to work comfortably with various browsers, and have at least an intermediate knowledge of the internet. Students who successfully complete the following courses will be eligible to receive the certificate:

  • Web Design Technology
  • Web Design Technology II

Course Descriptions


Learning on your own time

Students taking an online class can access course content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have discussions with their instructors and fellow learners using Canvas. Deadlines and due dates will be set for assignments, tests, and projects.

TEC 576 Web Design Technology

This course provides an overview of the major applications, relevant standards, and protocols for web design. Students will develop a website using storyboarding HTML that conforms to the WC3 standard and Cascade style sheets. Students will also learn to use anchor link, image, list, text formatting, form tags in documents, text, code, and HTML editor, and use File Protocol (FTP) to upload and download documents to a web server. This course meets concurrently with INT-1800. 

$325* (includes $75 lab fee)

Course Outcome

  • Create web pages that conform to WC3 HTML standard.
  • Use HTML anchor link, image, list, and text formatting.
  • Use WC3 Cascade Style Sheet (CCS) standard in web development.
  • Use multimedia (audio, video, and animation graphics) in website development.
  • Design site organization and use relative path in development.
  • Test and validate site contents with different web browsers.
  • Create web documents using a text editor, a code editor, and an HTML editor.
  • Use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload/download documents to a web server.
  • Publish a website. 

Summer 2024 Course

09315 | 5/28 - 7/1 | Online

Fall 2024 Courses

11921 | 8/30 - 12/13 | 8:00-11:35 a.m. | Online

11922 | 8/27 - 12/12 | 6:00-8:30 p.m. | Tue/Thu | Remote

TEC 577 Web Design Technology II

As a continuation of Web Design Technology Part 1, HTML/XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to design and create Web pages. These Web pages are further enhanced by including advanced elements of HTML, such as forms and frames, and by adding multimedia elements, such as audio, video, and animation. JavaScript is further used to make HTML documents interactive. Other topics discussed include the Document Object Model, the Object-based features of JavaScript, and the use of a debugger to debug Javascript code. This course meets concurrently with INT-1850. 

$325* (includes $75 lab fee).

Summer 2024 Course

09316 | 7/2-8/5 | 6:00-8:30 p.m. | Mon/Tue/Thu | Remote

Fall 2024 Course

11968 | 10/15-12/12 | 6:00-9:40 p.m. | Tue/Thu | Remote

There are no textbooks required for these courses.

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Email: itcerts@pgcc.edu