This certificate program provides knowledge and understanding of the regulatory aspects associated with government contracting management. It is designed to prepare career seekers with a basic background in the federal contract process, types of government contracts, marketing to the government, methods and procedures, and the proposal/evaluation process. The continuing education hours earned in this program can contribute to the hours needed to obtain a Certified Contract Management Associate™ credential or higher.

Course Descriptions

BUS-603 Types of Government Contracts 0.5 CEU

This course provides an introduction to the various types of contracts used by the federal government to obtain goods and services. How to determine which type of contract to use and the types of benefits and risks associated with each contract type will be discussed. Instructor: Pamela Jenkins.

Two sessions, $85* (includes $50 lab fee).

Syn# 11812 | Thursday | 10/3 & 10/10/24 | 6:30–9:30 p.m. | Remote/Canvas

BUS-505 Government Contracting: Methods and Procedures 0.5 CEU

The federal government spends in excess of $425 billion and awards over 100,000 contracts annually using various contracting methods to acquire products, goods, supplies, and services. This course will familiarize students with the methods, guidelines, and procedures used during the federal acquisition process and a step-by-step analysis of frequently used documents. Instructor: Dennis Smith.

Two sessions, $85* (includes $50 lab fee).

Syn# 11813 | Thursday | 10/17 & 10/24/24 | 6:30–9:00 p.m. | Remote /Canvas

BUS-534 Writing Proposals for Government Contracts 0.5 CEU

This practical course will show the small business owner how to plan, organize, and write winning proposals to local, state, and federal agencies. This course also covers Requests for Proposals (RFP), a method for purchasing goods and services from the private sector, and how to submit a successful proposal. Instructor: Dennis Smith.

Two sessions, $85* (includes $50 lab fee).

Syn# 11814 | Thursday | 10/31 & 11/7/24 | 6:30–9:00 p.m. | Remote/Canvas

BUS-607 Government Contract Basics: Subcontracts 0.5 CEU

This course provides a general overview of the phases of the subcontracting process (Pre-Award, Award, and Post Award) for a small business or independent consultant interested in performing as a subcontractor to a federal government (prime) contractor. This course will also provide a basic overview for individuals seeking a career in government contracts subcontract administration/management. The course provides a high-level overview of activities customarily included in the Pre-Award stage of a subcontract (e.g., identifying the solicitation, preparation of offer/proposal, offer submission), Award stage (e.g., cost or price analyses, negotiations, source selection) and Post Award stage (e.g., subcontract administration/management and subcontract close-out).  Instructor: Pamela Jenkins. 

Two sessions, $85* (includes $50 lab fee).

Syn# 11942 | Monday/Wednesday | 11/11 & 11/13/24 | 6:30–9:30p.m. | Remote/Canvas

BUS-461 Government Contracting: Marketing Business to Government 0.5 CEU

This course will provide detailed descriptions of the procurement programs established by federal, state, and county governments to assist small, disadvantaged, and women-owned businesses. Instructor: Dennis Smith.

Two sessions, $85* (includes $50 lab fee).

Syn# 11815 | Thursday | 12/5 & 12/12/24 | 6:30–9:00 p.m. | Remote/Canvas

BUS-330 The Proposal Evaluation Process

Gain an in-depth understanding of best practices used in the federal evaluation process to ensure objective and competitive source selections by focusing on the development of evaluation criteria and scoring plans, selection and briefing of evaluation panels on the dos and don'ts of their tasks, and the considerations used by Contracting Officers as they complete the process through to contract award. Instructor: Dennis Smith.

One session, $45.

Syn# 11816 | Thursday | 12/19/24 | 6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. | Remote/Canvas

*Tuition waiver for age 60+; student pays registration and lab fees.

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eLearning Methods at PGCC


Learning on Your Own Time

Students taking an online class can access course content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and engage in discussions using Canvas with their instructors and fellow learners. Instructors will set deadlines and due dates for assignments, tests, projects, and other coursework.


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Students taking a remote class will meet online via the Canvas platform at scheduled times. Students will access learning materials, view assignments, and participate in discussions via Canvas.

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