Follow the Path to an Exciting and Rewarding Career

Choose a creative career. Prince George’s Community College prepares students for success in the liberal and creative arts.

Programs include:

Academic Certification

Earn in a year or more

Theater, Conference, and Event Visual Media Operations Technician

Theater, Conference, and Event Lighting and Audio Operations Technician

Theater, Conference, and Event Stage Operations Technician

Theater, Conference, and Event Stage and Scenic Carpenter/Fabricator 

Theater, Conference, and Event Installation Technician

Theater and Entertainment Technology Technician

Video Editor


Motion Graphics Designer

Production Assistant

Camera Operator

Associate Degree

Earn in two years or more




Graphic Reporter


Craft or Fine Artist

Interior Designer

Instrument Repair Technician

On-Air Talent

Video Editor

Radio DJ

Online Video Producer

Video Production Specialist

Broadcast Technician

Graphic Designer

Transfer Credits for a Bachelor’s or Graduate Degree

Earn in four years or more

Production Designer

Film Scoring

Public Relations Strategist

Communication Specialist

Brand Ambassador


Multimedia Journalist

Film Director


News Anchor


News Writer

Sports Announcer

Digital Media Specialist

Technical Writer

Continuing Education

Complete in less than six months

Creative Writing

Digital Graphics

Creative and Fine Arts

Grammar and Writing Skills



Complete in six to 12 months

American Sign Language

Conversational Foreign Language

Interior Design