Prince George's Community College offers Job Readiness Training in partnership with the Prince George’s County Office of Human Resource Management and the Youth@Work/Summer Youth Enrichment Program. Our training mimics the workplace and offers young people a safe environment where they can demonstrate readiness for work. Eligible students receive training on topics such as workplace ethics, career planning, communication, customer service, and teamwork. Students who complete this training have an opportunity to earn certification and a digital badge from the Center for Work Ethic Development and Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

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Student Information

Employers are looking for individuals who can self-initiate, investigate, problem-solve, and demonstrate excellent customer service skills. The job training experience provides the perfect environment for youth to develop and demonstrate these necessary skills with confidence.

Students in the Youth@Work/SYEP Job Training Programs are completely responsible for all of the tasks related to their enrollment, attendance, assignments, and following up on their application for employment. Parents and other third parties are not allowed to inquire or speak on behalf of the student per the Family Educational Rights and Protections Act (FERPA).

What to Do Next

Note: The college will administratively withdraw any student who does not meet all of the eligibility requirements.

  • Register for class. Follow the 10 Simple Steps to Register for Job Readiness Training
     Your is invalid to external users, please use your personal email when registering online. The email address must belong to the youth participant.
  • Keep track of your PGCC issued ID number and user name.
  • Check your personal email account for updates. We will contact you through email to confirm the location and time of your classes. 
  • Create a reminder to show up at the right place and time on the first day.

Student Accommodations

Students must participate in all aspects of the Job Training program. Students who require accommodations must contact us immediately at 301-546-1580. Reasonable accommodations must be requested 15 days before the first day of class.

Learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act and Post Secondary Students.

Contact Us 

Office Hours

Youth@Work/SYEP Training Office

Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m
Summer hours may vary
Phone: 301-546-1580

If there is no answer leave a message and expect a return call within 48 hours. Voice and email messages from youth receive the highest priority. We are unable to respond to inquiries from parents and other third parties.

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