David Desouza

The 2019-2020 academic year was quite unique. The abrupt adjustment to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, required students to quickly adjust to learning without physically being at the College. One PGCC student did not allow this to stop him.

David Desouza graduated from the Academy of Health Sciences at Prince George’s Community College this May. The Academy of Health Sciences at Prince George’s Community College is a four-year high school program that allows admitted students to graduate with their high school diploma and associate degree. This early/middle college program is designed for students interested in a health career or teacher education. David reflects on this program as being engaging and enlightening. It allowed for him to interact with a diverse group of students. The smaller class sizes offered him the ability to work closely with faculty to ensure that he understood concepts.

Like all PGCC students, David had to quickly adapt to remote learning in March. While hesitant initially, David remained focused. His constant interactions with his professors, and their availability to further explain course concepts, allowed for him to successfully complete this past semester. David advises that students who are learning remote constantly engage with other students and create study sessions using video platforms. “Remote learning helps you cultivate self-discipline and time management,” says David.

David will attend Pomona College in Claremont, California where he will study math. He received more than $3 million in scholarship awards and received admission to 26 colleges.


Michele Richardson

Michele Richardson is the program director for the Prince George’s Community College Wellness Center. In her position, Richardson oversees the operations, outreach, and educational programming for students in the four units of the Wellness Center, which include Counseling Services, PGCC Cares, Student Health & Wellness, and the Violence Prevention Center. She is responsible for providing wellness services for students at all the College’s locations.

Richardson came to Prince George’s Community College in October 2017 after wanting to return to a higher education career. “This position brought critical things together for me; a passion for wellness, a desire to get back into higher education, and my career administrator background.”

As she reflects on her commitment to the College, Richardson acknowledges that Prince George’s Community College affords employees and students great opportunities. For herself, she has had the opportunity to take part in several leadership roles during her time at the College.

Richardson currently serves as a co-chair for the COVID-19 Task Force. She and Dr. Meloyde Batten-Mickens, the other co-chair, worked with Dr. Dukes and the Senior Team to identify individuals from each of the College’s areas to serve on the task force. The task force has implemented an action plan for the College, meets regularly with state and county agencies, and is continuously keeping the College abreast of updates surrounding COVID-19.

Richardson says that when she thinks of the College and all that is happening, she is reminded that Prince George’s Community College is, “adapting, aspirational, and active. The College is adapting in that it continuously steps up and makes shifts to accommodate the most current student and employee needs. It is aspirational in that the College continues to work to achieve goals and fulfill its mission. And the College is active in that it puts in the work needed to fulfill those aspirations.”

Richardson, who grew up as a “military brat,” traveled the world. She studied accounting and graduated from Morgan State University. In her time away from the College, Richardson feeds her creative side by singing, writing, and cooking.

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